gratitude no. 18

white sage | workhouseblogThis weekend was beautiful, there is a lovely bubblegum colored flowering tree in our backyard that we somehow didn’t notice last year when we moved here or have since forgotten because Anaïs was born soon there after. Anyways, it is a beautiful backdrop to our backyard and made working back there this weekend feel like a fairytale.

A simple list of thanks:
-lots of time outside in the sun and fresh air
-I had time to sew a few things for myself
-dinner with my brother’s family and the best tacos in the whole state of WA
-watching the baby on the tire swing
-listening to Lucy and her dad build our garden beds
-buying new plants
-listening to the birds
-watching Lucy ride from point A to point B with her tongue hanging out the entire ride (its a new thing here)
-planning a first birthday
-ending the weekend with a bottle of wine and trashy tv


2 thoughts on “gratitude no. 18

  1. Kelly

    Sounds like a lovely, rejuvenating weekend. A review of gratitude is an important thought for keeping positivity in mind, and valuing the beautiful things in life.

    1. des Post author

      isn’t it though? its so easy to get caught up in the must’ves and should’ves and its a nice reminder to me of the little things that really matter.


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