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babe | workhouseblogThere are moments as a mother that bring me down to a place of reason, a grasp on what’s attainable and a call for living slowly. I am learning that the biggest teaching moments are in the spaces between the transitions. This cute sweet chubby foot belongs to a little human who prefers to remain unnamed, she also chooses to not sleep through the night anymore, making life a bit more unpredictable and a little less desirable. My focus shifts. My perspective changes. The ideas I have of what I wish she would do changes to what it is I need to do, to adjust, to make space and room. For the growth. For the change. Letting the end of one phase flow into the beginning of another. Its funny how I always seem to forget this every time there is a new “new”.  I never recognize it at first and fight it until the light falls on its newness; we sit together (usually over a cup of tea), I welcome it in and figure out how to make friends with this adjustment. We then again find our rhythm until its time to befriend yet another change.

How do you deal with transitions? I’d love love love to hear how you’ve create healthy patterns for your family, especially those involving sleep and babyhood.



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