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workhouseblogIn recent months my blog has grown in leaps and bounds to what it was before, I have since connected with readers via Instagram which gives a bit more insight about me and my personality, but I thought I would share a bit more about myself here since, well this is my little corner of the internet. I have also noticed while this space holds a truth for me I am not as transparent here as I am in life. That being said, I hope to find a bit more of my whole voice in this space in hopes that this just isn’t one sided. Those of you that know me, know that I am a bit more wild and have a sassy sense of humor.

A few things to know:
-If I wasn’t a photographer I would be a back dancer for Beyoncé or a sex therapist
-I grew up in So Cal and in the Philippines
-I have always felt a calling to be a healer and am gearing up to claim it
-I (almost) never drink soda
-I get the Asian flush
-I’m a gin + ginger girl but lately am loving a good old fashion
-I am a virgo and a dragon
-I love chocolate
-If I can make it, I will try
-I’ve been to a Timberlake concert and loved it
-I like to sleep with a heavy blanket no matter the season
-I drink a vanilla hemp latte extra hot
-I love video chatting (preferably over cocktails)
-I like things really spicy and can no longer feel the heat of most jalepeños.
-When I am snacky I choose crunchy over anything else
-I have been know, on many occasions, to make nachos after midnite
-Being by the water brings my stress level down several notches
-I am addicted to: notebooks, tote bags and nail polish

A few things you might not know:
-I struggle with being content
-I can be an all or nothing sorta person
-My main goal in life is to be happy
-My family is super diverse
-I no longer am dying my hair and letting it silver
-I don’t do well in the space in between transitions
-I like the internet
-I keep up with pop culture
-I don’t do well speaking in front of large groups
-I love handwritten things and write out recipes for loved ones
-I fanatize about moving out of the country, a lot
-My dream is to one day live in a yurt
-I’ve always wanted to be 40
-People (strangers) have always told me their secrets
-Dishes are not my thing
-Daydreaming is totally my thing


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    1. des Post author

      Oh Catherine, I am not surprised by the similarities. Your bits of life on IG and FB feel similar to the love and zest for family and life that I feel.


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