one year // anaïs

oneOh my, how this girl has changed all our lives! Her surge into this world was surely forthcoming of our first year together as a family of four. Anaïs is a force, her determination is fierce, her voice-strong and her sense of humor is something I didn’t know babies were made of. She has made a baby fan out of me and parts of me will truly miss this stage but the other parts of me are happy to welcome the more independent stages to come. Being a mother of two is no easy feat and the fact that we have all made it through happy, sane and more in love than we were as three is a giant accomplishment in my book.

Today we celebrate this sweet soul who was so wanted and waited patiently to make her way into our family. Anaïs has showed us the beauty in sisterhood and the power of that bond. She has brought us a side of Lucy that we never saw before. She has given us the spark that our family lacked before her, she is on fire and has the capacity to make things happen. She loves music and sings or (tries) whistle nearly every day, she is easy to smile and laugh. There is a joy and light inside of her that you can see in her eyes. She is a risk taker and isn’t afraid of adventure. Anaïs is slow to welcome people but when she does she picks the solid folks. She has a great palate for food, although bananas should only be eating when smashed or in smoothies. Her favorite word is “Hi” and “Dad” is a very close 2nd; every morning she wakes up and wants to call him first thing.  She has pushed me in ways I didn’t see coming and for that I am better- more patient,  calmer and more fluid, not to mention I now have deeper empathy for parents with screaming babies. She surprises us everyday and teases us with the promise of kisses only to turn her head away in laughter. Today celebrate our family- complete, whole and full of life. Because of this little bird we are all better people with a greater understanding for the desire to be heard, understood and that one’s needs are just as important as another’s even if they take you a while to figure out.

Happy First Birthday, Birdie! We love you past the stars and back. May our lives continue on the path of love, gratitude and light.  xo


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