the universe will let you know

rock  | workhouseblog

This stage of transition between careers is leaving me feeling angst and ready to jump ahead to 3 years from now but time and my heart are telling me to be still and let things happen organically. Today I was sent this lovely quote by Anaïs’ namesake from a good friend. It left me in tears and with a hope that listening to my heart is the right choice.

“You have not yet discovered that you have a lot to give, and that the more you give the more riches you will find in yourself. It amazed me that you felt that each time you write a story you gave away one of your dreams and you felt the poorer for it. But then you have not thought that this dream is planted in others, others begin to live it too, it is shared, it is the beginning of friendship and love.”

You know who you are, this is truly a gift, thank you.


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