gratitude no. 19

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Starting the week renewed and refreshed after listening to the rain fall all weekend, the slow and steady pitter pat of the drops hitting the windows is soothing to my soul. Our weekend was filled with a birthday party and running a few errands, nothing too remarkable but it was nice to not have too much of an agenda or plan. Sundays I usually reserve for myself to catch up on calls, emails, tinker here and there on the internet and drink my coffee in my favorite mug, slowly.

I have a good friend who is helping me organize and prioritizes some life and work goals: big and small, near and far. I have struggled with sitting down and being able to put things down on paper or even more trying to align my ideas/dreams with a plan. She reminded me to be gentle with myself and to lower my expectations a little, being a virgo I am constantly needing to be reminded of this. A kind reminder to put simplicity first. I am hoping that answering a few questions will help me take the next step forward for myself, this blog and for whatever the future has in store for me. I am hoping to share my journey with you as thing progress.

a lovely little list of gratitude:
-celebrating lucy’s BFF’s birthday horseback riding, befriending a donkey and cupcakes
-grateful for friends who are able to listen and connect at a heart level
-having a few drinks and catching up with my older brother
-relaxing in knowing that life doesn’t always go as planned
-thankful for lots of dinners outside last week
-blessed to be celebrating a special someone’s birthday this weekend
-this quote
-the mister, just everything in general about that guy


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