workhouseblogOur Miss Beans turns eight on Saturday. There was no lesson in life that would have prepared me for the teacher that is this child. Her gentle spirit and knowledge beyond her years are a gift given to me every single day. She feels the world, has empathy for others and can carry a conversation with rational reasoning. She is sweet and her feet are grounded in the earth like a wise old tree. She is an adventurer, a nurturer, a leader when needed and a follower when it suits the situation. Miss Beans has forever changed who I am as a person and how I moved about this earth. Her smiling eyes are what fill my heart and her passion for experiencing life is what fills my soul.

So come tonight, her and her BFF will enjoying what has been months in planning via snail mail; the perfect meal, dessert, movie, sleepover and activities to do on her birthday. We are overjoyed to be celebrating yet another turn around the sun with her because she is truly a light. We love love love you Sweet Bean! xo

Lucy’s likes:
-reading (e v e r y t h i n g)
-grilled pb+j with marshmallow fluff
-listening to our personal stories
-knowing what our favorite and least favorite things are
-playing with her dad
-being in the woods

Lucy’s dislikes
-sleeping in
-things that are too sweet
-hot feet
-being too busy


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