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ilona blythe | workhouseblogilona blythe | workhouseblogilona blythe | workhouseblogMeet Ilona Blythe, builder of faerie houses and a jill of all trades. She is warm hearted, soft spoken and loves to hear stories about pirate adventures and mythical creatures. She surrounds herself with the most imaginative 8 year old and they have already gone on some pretty daring adventures. We are all quite fond of her and are happy to have her befriend our favorite faerie expert.

I stumbled upon this beautiful modification of the eco fairy pattern and knew I had to give it a try. It was a quicker knit than I first anticipated and was delightful to make, there is a lot of love and intention hiding inside this little faerie! Her dress is purposefully imperfect as it’s Ilona’s favorite and has been mended many times by her mother. She managed to find a spare button lying around our house and fashioned a hair clip out of it. She has both a linen apron and a tool belt and soft leather boots. She is now residing with us, telling us the ways of faeries and is getting a lot of love and attention.

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