in honor / aaron

rez-1024x764This a the view from Aaron’s childhood home, a place so large and vast yet warmly inviting and comforting. A place where we fill our souls with love, connect with the earth and spend time with new found family. This is also a place where we remember him, where we have grieved, poured our hearts and stories into the ground hoping that the sadness will leaves us, giving us comfort and peace.

Aaron was more than just our closest friend, he was family.  Our family waiting for us at dinner, our family waiting to babysit, our family who challenged our views, our family who confided in us- and us him, our family who shared in hopes, dreams and disappointments, our family who painted little girl toenails and shared in our love for treats. Our family with the warmest heart, most beautiful smile and wholehearted laugh.

Four years ago today, I witnessed the most gracefully passing into the next life I have ever seen. I watched family and friends from all over come together to celebrate the life of a man who left an imprint so large I don’t think I’ll ever know to what degree. Aaron and I shared an intimate journey that forever changed my life, I can see the impression it has made in my life and am so grateful for it.  It was a friendship so divine that it was truly a once in a lifetime experience, it honored respect and defined what it really means to call someone family.  Today we honor a man whose spirit lives on in our hearts, in our lives and beyond what we know. We are continually being blessed by the number of friends he gave to us and more importantly the love ones he opened our hearts to.


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