bean 22/52 bird22-52| a portrait | once a week | every week | in 2014. |

The difference between these two ladies is apparent. One is a light-footed fairy while the other is grounded to the earth. They were shot mere moments from one another. I will admit that some weeks are harder to shoot and make magic with. Some days I want to get out from behind the camera and experience life first hand, like most parents. What I would consider a mundane shot, actually reflects what our life looks and feels like. We work in our yard, in hand me down clothing, spinning in the grass, listening to music and reminding each other to drink enough water.

LUCY / showing me the way in which she spins and quickly sits down so that her dress is spread out like a flower. Her hands and feet are covered in dirt as they should be as a child.

ANAïS /  mesmerized by her sister while trying to figure the machines of the shovel. Working alongside Dad in clearing out the back space of our yard in preparation for more garden space.

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