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lrh  | workhousebloglrh  | workhousebloglrh  | workhousebloglrh  | workhousebloglrh  | workhousebloglrh  | workhousebloglrh  | workhousebloglrh  | workhousebloglrh  | workhouseblogThere are moments in one’s life in which the simple act of capturing one’s portrait is a lot like finishing a series of art. There are no more stories to be told about a young little girl with raven hair who stays up late some nights hand sewing her own clothing while drinking Japanese tea. A girl whose panache for pink sparkly dresses and fancy shoes are long past and as well as the giant barbie I once bought her for Christmas. That chapter has been closed and a new series is about to being. The tale of a young woman standing at the cusp of a new adventure, defining herself as a human and as an adult. The transformation that happens between 18-25yro has always blown my mind, the stepping into adulthood with both feet planted on the other side of the line, there is no turning back. Simple days of crustless PB+J sandwiches are replaced by providing for yourself and being mindful of the world around you. There is a veil that is lifted and you soon realize that the adults in your life were just trying their best all along, just as you are.

This leap seems to deepen relationships, provide meaning to life and offers up purpose for some. I hope this is the case for her. I hope in 7 years I will hardly recognized the person in these images, not out of meanness but out of love. I hope that she will be able to mold and shape the world in ways that only she can. That the effect of growth, intentional living and independence will surely reflect on her face and beam out through her heart. My wish for her is that she will transcend her own expectations and that her intentions for her own life hold fast and true to who she really is.

LRH, I am so proud of you in many ways, some of which I have made known and some I hope to share with you in the years to come. You are at the doorstep of something remarkable and astounding, I hope you jump head first, fearless and wholehearted. Create what it is you dream of for yourself and everything else will fall into place. It’s okay to let go and fly freely like the sea birds that sing overhead. I know you can make this shit count, so do it…hard. fromthestreettothesky xo




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  1. mf4ulk

    Oh, be still me heart. Everything here is absolutely breathtaking. How you capture such intimacy with the world in your photos is beyond me; something that I can barely touch with my own photography. This girl is beautiful, and you’ve encompassed her so wonderfully with the roses, the ocean, her hair, and just everything. Lovely work, and writing. I wish there was someone in my life who could guide me in the same way you are doing for her.

    Thank you for this.

    1. des Post author

      your words are too kind and so sweet. i have know her her whole life so our bond and comfortability had already been established making it easier to capture her. if you have any questions on photography please please feel free to drop me an email, i love to pay it forward.


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