gratitude // no. 19

There has been a pesky creature digging in our garden, I tied up our garden with with twine earlier last week but whatever it is it some how managed to force its way through this weekend trampling and digging up our freshly sprouted starts. Total bum deal. Sunday the mister walked up to the hardware store to buy some supplies to eradicate the issue, I on the other hand was ready to give up and eat my feelings with donuts, the former was the proper way to deal. Here’s to hoping that the problem has been solved, our growing season is short here in the PNW and if we don’t get things up and growing soon we will be out of luck.

We had a lovely low key weekend: yard work, basking in the sun while the girls played with the hose and random plastic containers filled with water and bubbles, grass and whatever else springtime potions are made of. I was also able to pass along a long standing tradition of gifting my niece with [black] pearl earrings for graduation, something my father started with my older sisters, my sister did for me and now  I was able to do for her. Traditions like that are my favorite. We then ate our weight in Korean BBQ and came home to make bubble tea.

Overall a pretty perfect weekend including the fact that me and the mister made this to go along with an evening of binge watching the new season of ‘Orange is the New Black’. Aye aye aye.

the gratitude list:
-this is the last week of school
-a summer of endless possibilities is awaiting
-the yard looks amazing
-blessed for a shared intention for partnership
-a daughter who is incredibly creative and quick witted
-a daughter who has a giant smile, wants to cuddle endlessly and is
learning her animal sounds, cats say ‘hi’ fyi
-sunday morning huddled in bed, two sleeping, one reading and one pinning the
morning away
-cups of earl grey with milk
-homemade Vietnamese iced coffee
-cool ocean breezes
-filling our home with houseplants. another fiddle leaf fig acquired and then some
-receiving a large order of books

What are you starting your week grateful for? Big or small. Things that fill your soul
and make life as an adult that much more doable.


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