intentional living // a practice

workhouseblogThroughout my life there have been many moments when holding an intention has pulled me through. I may not have had the easiest of childhoods but envisioning what kind of life I wanted when I grew up is what kept my spirits up and my heart softened. Often people ask how I’ve created so much peace and calmness around me and my family, holding an intention is the first answer I always give. My one true intention that I have held fast for my entire life is to be happy, to live a happy life. When things were challenging and dark I would switch my focus to what it was that I wanted to desperately feel and held it tight in my heart. I am by no means saying that my life is perfect or without struggles but I will gladly state that I am indeed happy and because of it there is a sweetness that surrounds me and my family.

When searching for what to hold onto be aware of your true self, don’t hold onto any unrealistic expectations that you or others have for you. Dig down deep and listen to your spirit. What do you hear? What do you see? I often ask people to make a list of what they want to change or experience, what does that: feel like, look like, smell like and taste like? What would you value most about your hopes?  What does it mean for you? Hold onto that. Say it aloud. Meditate. Pray. Share it with those who would support you and your intention.

I some times make a list of my values of a particular situation or goal, this can help shed light and give me insight of what it is that I truly desire. Be it hopes for my personal life, work, friendships, creativity, the list could go on and on. Staying mindful to what sort of emotional state or place I am in in my  life at the time can help me center with what is really attainable for me. I try my best to find the simplest thing to hold onto, for example my intention to be happy, it encompasses as a whole and yet is something familiar and easy to connect to. It is not a selfish desire for one’s self but a hope that I have the power to create what is meaningful and important for myself and my family.


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