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Father’s Day edition. We spent the first half of the day exploring low tide. Lucy found two jellyfish, crabs and was able to hold some sea stars that some local divers had found in the Sound. The little one was captivated by the crowds of people and big kids throwing large pieces of kelp about.

LUCY | sporting her new haircut and growning up before our eyes. Every morning she seems more mature and bigger than the evening before. Her teeth are constantly moving, changing her smile; her nose is now taking on a little bit more definition. Luckily, she still puts up with our constant complaints about it all happening so quickly.

ANAïS |  she says “DAD!” no less than 500x a day. First thing in the morning, “Dad!”, if the phone rings. “Dad!”, if she hears a car door close, if I make a call, if we step outside or just for fun, “Dad, Dad, Dad!”. I suppose for him there is really no better sound. They have been best buddies from the get go.

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