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stephany |workhouseblogMan. This girl rocks my socks off! I met Stephany years ago at a wedding photography workshop, I was there from Seattle, she was there from Minnesota (she’s referred to as ‘Minnesota, Yo!’ in my house). It was my first extended time away since becoming a mom and not only was I looking forward to some industry insight but I was also hoping to de-mom a bit while I staying at super posh luxury hotel..luckily for me, Stephany came to do the same! We instantly hit it off and have remained friends after all these years.

After getting to know her, outside of photography, I have learned that she can make just about anything- from awesome fondant robot cakes to cocktails, to amazing glass glitter deer heads. And she is amazing ON camera! She recently created ‘Making It with Stephany‘, a youtube channel filled with diy tutorials that are delightfully entertaining and show off her big heart and quirky personality.  Seriously, so good! I am kindly asking my readers to please help make some big dreams come true for Stephany, she needs support in ways that only come from numbers; followers, visits, likes, comments, views. You can support her in any of your favorite social media platforms and please tell a friend or 50 do to the same. There are some exciting prospects that can come from your support and I know that she would graciously thank each and every one of you by buying you a shot. And by goodness, the girl deserves it! Many thanks in advance! x

Finding Stephany:
– Her Site
-She’s on Instagram
-She’s on The FB
-Of course she’s on YouTube
-And don’t forget her on Pinterest


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  1. Stephany

    You really know how to make a girl feel good! Thanks so much for your help and support! We need to reunion so soon! I appreciate and miss you!


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