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Summer is here and we are spending most of our days outdoors even if its simply just being out in the yard. My morning ritual is walking alone out back with a cup of tea to check on the vegetable garden and marvel at its growth overnight. Then I go back inside to make breakfast and then we all head out to the backyard to eat, talk about our dreams and discuss what we are going to do with our day. My daily request is always a nap.

LUCY / waiting for the sprinkler to makes its way over her, followed by a joyous scream and beaming smile. There are usually all sorts of containers, funnels and spoons spread about the yard but this day I got out before the toy scatter.

ANAïS / joining me in the evenings to water the garden rushing to get her shovel before I am too far off. She digs near the planters waiting for the little streams of water to make their way to her so she can mix the earth and water together.

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