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Sorry for the quiet over here. I recently explained it to a friend that I am just feeling like my spirit is needing a bit of stillness in preparation for something. I’ve been doing lots of reading, getting on the floor playing and relaxing in the sunshine. This weekend the reason came. The girls and I are getting ready to hop on a red eye tonight to head home to be with my mom as she goes into open heart surgery. We will be there to help her mend, take care of her garden and play in the childhood home I grew up in…its a big delight to see my children run and laugh down the halls just as I did. That home holds many stories.

We do not know when we will be returning and I will be solo parenting out of our normal rhythm for weeks on end until the time feels right to return home. This also means flying with 2 children, one being totally unpredictable!  Please send your thoughts and funny stories to keep me entertained in the small moments I will have to myself. I will be trying my best to continue with The 52 Project and blogging but will admit that most of the photos will most likely be coming from my phone, like the ones above.

LUCY / had the role of the narrator in her recent 2 week drama camp which ended in a wonderful performance of the ‘The Slightly Twisted Gingerbread Kid’. She blew us away! You can see the pride in her face.

ANAïS / summer is in full swing here and she has been enjoying playing the back with the big kids, she opts for a cooler full of water instead of super soakers.

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2 thoughts on “28/52

  1. Liesje

    Oh my, hope all will be well with your mom soon. She’s lucky to have you around to help her out and simply be with.

    I had something similar this week. I wasn’t feeling well and my daughter was quite a handful throughout the week… on tuesday we were rushed to the hospital as my mom was suffering from a severe heart attack at the age of 47yo. So our days are far away from rhythm and structure, but knowing we were right on time to prevent worse, seeing her getting better day by day, makes life a little lighter than before the whole incident.

    My thoughts are with you and your precious family.

    1. des Post author

      liesje, thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your story. i do hope your family fairs well and is happy and whole again. luckily for us we are in a beautiful area surrounded by some really great stories from my childhood to keep us entertained through all the waiting.


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