lovely things


after waking this morning a little spooked by a dream, i always go back to this mantra + it seems to do the trick. we had a wonderful sunny weekend that started with family + ended with friends.  our neighborhood had its first ‘meet + greet bbq’, which gave us a chance to catch up with old neighbors + meet new ones.  it was quite nice to see how many kids are in our area + to finally meet some familiar faces from around the neighborhood.  sunday i was able to catch up with some of my favorite lady friends over brunch in ballard.  two quirky things happened that day: a random gentleman bought me a drink + while pursuing the market we found $20 on the ground (which no one around us wanted to claim),  so we went off + treated ourselves to some lovely coffee drinks.

here are a few more gems from the week
-sunshine sunshine sunshine
-eating fresh sugar snap at the market with friends
-visiting lucy’s dance class
-finding time to read
-watching my little nephew’s baseball game
-having lucy create crowns out of fern fronds
-bad movie nite

in the spirit of bad movies, what’s your favorite? and if you found $20 what would you do with it?


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