frozen lollies


i grew up making popsicle or ice candy, that’s what they call it in the philippines. my aunt used to make the best coconut ice candy ever, i know it involved young coconut meat + a lot of sugar but i can totally recall the way they tasted and looked.  so when my friend katherine posted this recipe on FB i knew i had to try it.

coconut popsicles
‎1c unsweetened coconut milk
3/4c evaporated milk
3/4c sweetened coconut flakes
1/2c sugar
warm these in a saucepan until bubbling together
let cool for 1 hr then add 1tsp vanilla
pour into molds + freeze until set

they are delicious, creamy, coconutty + a definite keeper for the summer. we have plans to make avocado ones our next time around, they were a childhood favorite of mine too! and since we will be spending most of our summer in san diego i see that this book will most likely be in my future. hopefully i can come up with a few raw popsicle recipes of my own to add to the collection.


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