fresh almond milk

so easy + so good you’ll never go back to that boxed stuff! we used this stuff  in oatmeal, granola, smoothies or drink it by the glass full, its a big fav around here. its good for about 3-5 days + if its there’s some left after 3 days,  stick the rest in your ice cream maker and make yourself a yummy dairy-free treat!

almond milk

2c soaked (raw) almonds

5c cold water

2 dates (i pit them + tear them apart)

1tbs vanilla

pinch o sea salt

i blend everything in my vitamix for 1-2 mins until its all creamy, you may have to go longer with a regular blender so check to make sure the milk doesn’t get too warm; i keep my hand on the side of the container to gauge temperature. AND that my friends, is all it takes! if you want it super creamy, strain through a nut milk bag or cheese cloth and save the fiber for making raw toast or some yummy dessert!


2 thoughts on “fresh almond milk

  1. Ashley

    How long do you soak the almonds? And are the dates really necessary or is that to sweeten the milk? Cause then I can just use some stevia or other dried fruit I have available in the house.
    -wuv you.

  2. Aubree

    Sounds super yummy and easy enough even I can do it. Thanks for sharing your rawness. Very interesting.


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