lovely things

a day late on the list week. our home was broken into over the weekend which has left me feeling a little paralyzed + unable to sleep. i am still trying to gather all my barings. this has also lead us to some big life decisions that have yet to be finalized. fortunately we are surrounded by people who love us + support us through this next transition in life. i will be excited to share the journey with you.

on another note, we had an awesome camping trip! here are a few others that made this week’s list.
-laughing so hard with my bff
-choosing to move
-having a bit of time alone with lucy in the woods
-spending solstice at our favorite beach
-thankful that dave understands my copeing mechanisms
-loved watching lucy explore the wilderness with her friends
-listening to lucy + her bff share outdoor peeing techniques
-painting rocks + driftwood along the river
-super yummy camping meals

see how i snuck moving in the list? got any suggestions on where to go? we got ideas but would love to hear your favorite places to live.