happy brother birthday



when i was little, kids used to think he was my dad. when i got older, people used to think he was my boyfriend (gross!), now people just know he’s my brother. he used to be in a 90’s hair band, have highlights + wear spandex.  he taught me how to do my make-up and took me to get the best mullet haircuts a 9 year old girl could dream of, he made the best scary noises + always scared off any bullies + always sent my letters to santa for me.  he made awesome lip syncing videos of us,  took me to my first concert, stryper! and has given me 4 of the best nephews + nieces.  today is his birthday and he turns 50! happy birthday to the craziest, loudest, best (ahem) OLDER brother!



2 thoughts on “happy brother birthday

  1. kara

    WOW!!! he looks the same.. i haven’t seen him in a long long time..happy late bday brian..


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