lovely things


this week’s lovelies were left by our wonderfully creative + kind neighbors. the following reads:

winter solstice dec. 22nd

it is the longest night of the year.

after this night the sun begins to climb

higher in the sky. the nights get shorter.

the rebirth of the seasonal year.

so the night of the 22nd you burn a candle

to keep the dark at bay and

in rememberanceof the sun.

the egg symbolizes rebirth.

the candles are lightly scented with

fig to represent the promised spring.

-so fill the bowl with sand, place an egg

in the sand and light, think of the turning

of the seasons and do a jig for the

promise of longer days!

happy solstice.

(p.s. the lovely box was handmade as well.)

yes, we are that lucky….and this is our lovely list for the week. i believe this will be a tradition we will carry on through the years. thanks lovely neighbors!


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