list of lovelies


i only took one photo of our trip to spokane + it was with my phone. there was just too much to take in and enjoy that taking photos was the last thing from my mind. albeit our trip was because we lost dave’s grandfather we had a wonderful time surrounding ourselves with family, which doesn’t happen that often. we were all able to stay in one house together, staying up late playing cards, midnite snacks, dave’s sister treated to massages and brow grooming, we laughed, told stories + caught up.  our view was stunning and the quietness of nature was restorative. and now after endless hours of driving we are home, filled with joy and reassurance that no matter what we always have family.

here are few other treasured moments for the week:
-watching lucy set up a creation station for a giant family activity
-seeing tons of deer
-hearing coyotes howl
-late nite family story telling
-generous surprises


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  1. Mo

    thank you Des. thanks to you, Dave and Lucy…the time we spent with you was healing. Dave reminded me that we never realize how much we miss family until we see them again. Lucy gave me much needed giggle time. You shared stories with me and offered a listening ear. the massage was wonderful, my brows look great and my heart feels whole again. <<>>


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