harissa feta

i got this recipe years ago from a friend of a friend at a party, i somehow magically memorized it and when the stars all align + i happen to have all ingredients on hand; i happily make this.

roasted red pepper dip
-1 red pepper
-2-3 cloves of garlic
-chunk of feta
-olive oil
-1tsp of harissa (or to taste)

smother red pepper + garlic with oil, broil or grill until skin is charred and garlic is soft. remove skins and place all ingredients in a food processor, i drizzle a bit of olive oil or water in the processor to get things going, blend until smooth(ish) should be about the consistency of hummos. if you don’t have harissa you can use cayenne or fresh jalapeno or just leave the spice out completely.

use it as a dip/spread or  let it harden in a container and then slice.


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