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ilona blythe | workhouseblogilona blythe | workhouseblogilona blythe | workhouseblogMeet Ilona Blythe, builder of faerie houses and a jill of all trades. She is warm hearted, soft spoken and loves to hear stories about pirate adventures and mythical creatures. She surrounds herself with the most imaginative 8 year old and they have already gone on some pretty daring adventures. We are all quite fond of her and are happy to have her befriend our favorite faerie expert.

I stumbled upon this beautiful modification of the eco fairy pattern and knew I had to give it a try. It was a quicker knit than I first anticipated and was delightful to make, there is a lot of love and intention hiding inside this little faerie! Her dress is purposefully imperfect as it’s Ilona’s favorite and has been mended many times by her mother. She managed to find a spare button lying around our house and fashioned a hair clip out of it. She has both a linen apron and a tool belt and soft leather boots. She is now residing with us, telling us the ways of faeries and is getting a lot of love and attention.

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mothersday | workhouseblog   There are crafts to be shared and recipes to be written out but the sun has been making it hard to be indoors. We are spending lots of time out back on blankets with sun tea, school work and snacks, that sitting in front of screen seems to daunting or unpleasant at the time being. I am hoping to round up some blogging energy here this weekend in hopes of moving this space forward with content and collaborations. There are lots of thoughts swirling around in my head about where I want this to all go and what I dream of it becoming. But for now drinking homemade lemonade out of mason jars with my girls is what’s filling my soul.



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|a portrait | once a week | every week | in 2014. |

LUCY / this weekend she turned eight, this particular image made me emotional as it encapsulates who she is and how she experiences the world. She is the wind, she is a sage, she knows things beyond this life, she breathes in the freedom of it all. I am truly blessed to mother her.

ANAïS / meeting the saltwater for the first time and enjoying its cold gentle kisses on her toes, then legs and soon bottom. She is power, she is the balance to Lucy’s contemplative ways, she is a joy and brightness. Her laughter is what we all work for, she now gives precious flying kisses, loves to play peek a boo and makes the cutest face when you ask her to close her eyes. Her presence has taught me about my own inner workings and I am thankful she calls me Momma.

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workhouseblogOur Miss Beans turns eight on Saturday. There was no lesson in life that would have prepared me for the teacher that is this child. Her gentle spirit and knowledge beyond her years are a gift given to me every single day. She feels the world, has empathy for others and can carry a conversation with rational reasoning. She is sweet and her feet are grounded in the earth like a wise old tree. She is an adventurer, a nurturer, a leader when needed and a follower when it suits the situation. Miss Beans has forever changed who I am as a person and how I moved about this earth. Her smiling eyes are what fill my heart and her passion for experiencing life is what fills my soul.

So come tonight, her and her BFF will enjoying what has been months in planning via snail mail; the perfect meal, dessert, movie, sleepover and activities to do on her birthday. We are overjoyed to be celebrating yet another turn around the sun with her because she is truly a light. We love love love you Sweet Bean! xo

Lucy’s likes:
-reading (e v e r y t h i n g)
-grilled pb+j with marshmallow fluff
-listening to our personal stories
-knowing what our favorite and least favorite things are
-playing with her dad
-being in the woods

Lucy’s dislikes
-sleeping in
-things that are too sweet
-hot feet
-being too busy


gratitude no. 19

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Starting the week renewed and refreshed after listening to the rain fall all weekend, the slow and steady pitter pat of the drops hitting the windows is soothing to my soul. Our weekend was filled with a birthday party and running a few errands, nothing too remarkable but it was nice to not have too much of an agenda or plan. Sundays I usually reserve for myself to catch up on calls, emails, tinker here and there on the internet and drink my coffee in my favorite mug, slowly.

I have a good friend who is helping me organize and prioritizes some life and work goals: big and small, near and far. I have struggled with sitting down and being able to put things down on paper or even more trying to align my ideas/dreams with a plan. She reminded me to be gentle with myself and to lower my expectations a little, being a virgo I am constantly needing to be reminded of this. A kind reminder to put simplicity first. I am hoping that answering a few questions will help me take the next step forward for myself, this blog and for whatever the future has in store for me. I am hoping to share my journey with you as thing progress.

a lovely little list of gratitude:
-celebrating lucy’s BFF’s birthday horseback riding, befriending a donkey and cupcakes
-grateful for friends who are able to listen and connect at a heart level
-having a few drinks and catching up with my older brother
-relaxing in knowing that life doesn’t always go as planned
-thankful for lots of dinners outside last week
-blessed to be celebrating a special someone’s birthday this weekend
-this quote
-the mister, just everything in general about that guy



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|a portrait | once a week | every week | in 2014. |

LUCY /occupying some downtime with Princess the Donkey while celebrating her dearest most beloved best friend’s birthday. When it comes to certain creatures she is akin to a whisperer of sorts.

ANAïS / excited and cautious about meeting a few horses, the moment they leave she wants them back but upon return she is highly unsure of their motives.

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knit // boxy tweed vest

tweed tank | workhouseblogtweed tank | workhouseblogA little handmade gift for her first birthday, which was a wonderful day filled with close friends and family, sunshine and lots and lots of food and cake! Our home was bursting with some of our favorite people coming together to make our village, members both big and small. We feel fortunate to have had most of these folk witness some of the biggest milestones in our lives from our wedding, our moves and now our last baby. We are lucky.

During our spring break, a few weeks ago, we were on Bainbridge Island to spend some time with close friends and gave me the welcomed excuse to go into one of my favorite yarn shops, Churchmouse. There I saw this pattern and knew it would be a perfect knit for our birthday girl. I completed it in about 3 evenings, I used the recommended Rowan Revive which I would definitely use again because its a nice weight, didn’t split, is a silk cotton blend making it perfect for spring/summer.


not everyone is a baby fan

birthday card | workhouseblogWhen we moved this last time we chose a place that we would be closer to family so that the girls would get to spend lots of time around their cousins. Turns out one of them isn’t a baby fan, she’s a bit too unpredictable for his liking. Luckily, we all found this heartwarming and hilarious.


the universe will let you know

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This stage of transition between careers is leaving me feeling angst and ready to jump ahead to 3 years from now but time and my heart are telling me to be still and let things happen organically. Today I was sent this lovely quote by Anaïs’ namesake from a good friend. It left me in tears and with a hope that listening to my heart is the right choice.

“You have not yet discovered that you have a lot to give, and that the more you give the more riches you will find in yourself. It amazed me that you felt that each time you write a story you gave away one of your dreams and you felt the poorer for it. But then you have not thought that this dream is planted in others, others begin to live it too, it is shared, it is the beginning of friendship and love.”

You know who you are, this is truly a gift, thank you.



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|a portrait | once a week | every week | in 2014. |

Thankful to get a few images up so that I am up to date on this weekly commitment. Its been a whirlwind these past few days and the last of our visitors left tonite leaving us to get back into our normal rhythm sans cakes and late night slumber party talks. It also has been a beautiful reminder of the dynamic bond between these two girls. Their love is all encompassing.

LUCY / relishing the warmth of the rocks while her sister always finds a way to maintain direct contact with her.

ANAïS / wearing the exact dress that both her sister and I wore for our first birthdays, one of my favorite first birthday traditions. 

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